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March 30 2017

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Rammstein 2001 Mutter 5″ maxi CD Germany / Deutschland

(direkt aus Belin / from Berlin)

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Kein mitleid für die merheit

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Sehnsucht was the best Rammstein era <3

March 29 2017


Till:  We attended an MTV party and were  faced an actor from the TV show Star Search - he behaved incredibly brazenly. He came with several professional bodyguards who pushed around other artists.
Flake: I was really scared for you! Till intervened, he fought but eventually was overwhelmed and thrown out.- he is a strong guy, but not a professional. I screamed ‘Leave him alone! Hit me instead!

2004 interview.

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© Paul Zimmer Photography

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© Christian Nitzsche 

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Thanks to Facebook, I found a copy and made this edit!







d&d setting where all the elves use too many apostrophes because they talk with a southern accent, featuring the magical sword y’all’d’ve



elf: I’d’ve.

demon: Wait is that your name or are you just saying you would have?

elf: fuck.

elf: you.

elf: We come from the land of yer mom’n’em. 

Man ‘at ol’ dang ol’ Uruk-Hai man takin’em dang’ol hobbits up yunder t’Isengard tell ya what man.


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hidden figures vol. 2

🗣 Their names are Ritu Karidhal, Anuradha TK, Nandini Harinath 🗣

I’m sorry I can’t seem to find the names of other women in the picture but these 3 women were the main ones involved in the project 💖

look how happy they are!


Okay, resident Indian aerospace engineering student here.

These women headed the Mangalyaan (literally meaning mars vehicle) Project, also called MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission). The total cost for Mangalyaan is $79 million, less than Gravity, The Martian and a little more than the cost of making Deadpool.

India is already poised to launch a mission to Venus, recently launched a whopping 104 satellites in one go, and the head of its chief missile program is a woman.

The only sad part to this kick ass resume is how little they pay them. They pay the director 30 thousand dollars A YEAR. That’s one third of most NASA scientists.

My father, an Indian Navy officer and a marine engineer who designs ships told me to not work for DRDO, because I won’t be able to make as much as he does, even when I achieve the senior most position in the organisation.

And that fucking sucks.

These people deserve as much as the peeps at KSC do for their level of dedication, hard work, brilliance and sheer awesomeness.

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*Hamilton voice* That’s true

Thank god someone said it. I’ve been waffling between thinking this must be his favorite sweater of ask time (which to be fair I am so down with because it looks so soft and snuggly) or that I have some how only seen picture of lin from one day in his whole life.

everyone needs to see the ultimate sweater compilations by @hamilslut (all four of em!)


^that fact may be why vanessa said during the hamildoc premiere that she hasn’t let him buy a sweater in 2 years ;D

the very first sweater compilation was actually made in 2015 by lin’s longtime friends and collaborators tommy kail and john buzzetti, featuring the grey sweater’s predecessor, the tan sweater


(for more–i’ve got a tag for that. of course.)

Legacy what is a legacy….

Lin-Manuel Miranda: best known for his musicals In The Heights, Hamilton, and for wearing that same goddamn sweater all the time

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Car safety: dos and don’ts

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date a girl who will storm heaven and devour God

me: damn girl what that mouth do
her: it devours god

Put a band in my ask and I will do:


Am I a fan?:

First Song I Heard By Them?:

Favorite Song?:

Favorite Album?:

Favorite Music Video?:

Have any merch?:

Seen them Live?:

Favorite Member?:

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