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October 06 2017

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it’s been literal weeks and i’ve only just realised this is meant to be read as “healthy burgers” and not “heal thy burgers”

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Denn du bist was du ißt
Und ihr wißt was es ist

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Ohayo ! New fucking draw for today 😆
I’m trying to found a good style of draw ;-; it’s not very easy 💚
I’m dying…. 💕

October 05 2017

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“Great times with good friends in Berlin. Love this city and the great vibes here.”
New 💞
Photo: thomaslangdrum

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Christoph Schneider / Rammstein


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I love how Till is just screaming at Richard’s ass


rammstein fan problens #28

the crazy fans that go batshit insane seeing the band members with other women and start harassing them on their blogs

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144p vs 1080p

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Till ‘rocket pants’ lindemann

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