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December 16 2017

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Rammstein - Making of Du hast

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Rammstein recording Liebe Ist Für Alle Da, 2009 (part I, II)

December 15 2017

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Maxidrom 2016, Russia

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New from Drezden, Germany.
Photo: michaelwallisch

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ᴍᴇɪɴ ʜᴇʀᴢ ʙʀᴇɴɴᴛ (x) - ᴀʟʟ

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Rammstein -  Feuer frei

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Feeling B

requested by @followthecreeper

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Here we go, second one in the Rammstein in holidays sweaters request, Till!

I was on the search for ugly sweaters on Google and I found this particular one and went “this is it. This is what Till would wear.” It’s like destiny on a ball gag.

Are you tired with these on your dash yet? I hope not. There’s four more to go. Although I wonder who I should draw next…

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Till in a sweater…Oh boy I’m gonna mess this one up too aren’t I lol

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Rammstein photos from the music video “Engel”

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Red haired Rammstein signing for fans

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December 14 2017

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